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Sometimes a 1 lb. bag just isn’t enough. Whether you need a pack of coffee to gift to friends & family or to stock up for yourself, take a look at all of our options.

Our Happy Medium Coffee is a medium/dark roast, 100% organic & comes from female coffee producers on sustainable farms.

Each batch is hand-roasted on-site right here in our studio in Braham, MN. Yes, this is the famous coffee you enjoyed at The Listening Room!

In fact, our coffee is so fresh when you order it we can grind it to your preference.


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Mind if we get a little gassy?

You may notice that each bag of Happy Medium Coffee includes the date roasted. While our coffee is roasted fresh, “fresh” isn’t always best.

We allow time for our fresh roasted beans to ‘degas’ before we package them up & ship them to you.

What the heck is degassing?

When coffee is roasted, gasses form inside the bean. After roasting, those gasses (mostly carbon dioxide) start seeping out. During this time, the CO2 escapes so quickly it negatively affects the flavor of your coffee.

Degassing can take anywhere from 2-12 days until the coffee is ready to brew. We like to degas our whole beans for at least 7 days before we grind them, and some espresso grinds actually recommend waiting for 14-28 days! This resting time allows the coffee to develop more flavor, complexity, and dimension.

Our coffee tastes freshest when consumed within 3 months of the roast date on the package (most grocery store coffee is several months to a year old, at best- ew).

But don’t fret, we do all of the coffee degassing mathing for you and we’ll always send out the best whole bean or ground coffee to you when you order it.

For more bulk options or fundraising opportunities shoot us an email at info@happyproductions.com.

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Whole Bean, Ground, Coarse/French Press, Medium/Drip Brewing, Fine/Espresso

Bag Size

1 lb. Bag, 8 oz. Bag, 6 Pack of 8oz. Bags, 12 Pack of 8 oz. Bags, 5 lb. Bag


Happy Medium (Medium/Dark Roast), Happy 420° (Dark/French Roast)


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