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    Please consider making a donation to help us rebuild and maintain one of East Central Minnesota’s most intimate musician focused live music venues. The weight of replacing equipment lost to circumstances surrounding the pandemic, mixed with current restrictions and proper licensures is a difficult hurdle for us as we look to the future. With your help we will continue to support local arts and artists and will continue to present unique and special Listening Room experiences. 

    Streaming on all devices.

    Google – “Okay Google, ask simple radio to play Happy Productions Live”

    Alexa – “Alexa, engage MyTuner, play Happy Productions Live”

    Sonos – Settings > Services & Voice > Add a service > MyTuner > Happyproductions.live

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    The Listening Room

    Join us for live music performances in our safe, intimate venue, as we welcome back live music! 

    Find tickets for upcoming performances and more information right here.

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