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Happy Decaf

Our decaf bean is also an organic, fair-trade coffee. The decaffeination method is a natural water process, using watear instead of chemicals to remove the caffeine from the raw green beans while maintaining the bean's flavor profile. We roast our decaf bean to a delicious medium-dark, bringing you the full flavors and aroma o a coffee that can be enjoyed anytime.

Happy Light

Our lightest roast. Flavor profiles are fragrant and fruity with a light citrus taste. Light roasts are perfect for iced coffee, too!

Happy Medium

Our Happy Medium is somewhere between a medium and medium-dark roast. The bean is a rich brown with some oil on the surface. The flavor is deep with rich aromas and slight bittersweet notes.

Happy 420°

This is our darkest roast (originally roasted to 420° in our old coffee roaster, hence the name). Also called a French Roast the bean is dark and shiny with plenty of oil on the surface. This flavor profile has bitterness and low acidity with a heavy mouthfeel and strong flavors. Dark roasts are great for espresso!

Grind Size Brewing Method
Cold Brew | French Press
Percolator | Drip Method
Aeropress | Espresso

This coffee is
100% organic
grown by women of Cooperative RAOS.

RAO’s leadership is determined to increase gender equality among its members, specifically with regards to legal complications related to gender-based restrictions on owning farmland, as well as the greater degree of difficulty women often face in security credit and financing before the harvest.

At Happy Medium Coffee, we choose our coffee beans based on taste and the impact that the product has on the planet & well-being of others.

We are proud to support these types of initiatives
Grateful that you have chosen to support us.

Happy Drinking!