Volunteer for one 4-hour shift and receive a one-day Truckerfest wristband (valid the same day as your volunteer shift)

Volunteer for one 8-hour shift or two 4-hour shifts and receive a Truckerfest 3-day wristband & camping, a $10 Truckerfest merch voucher, and 2 drink tokens. 

Volunteer for three 4-hour shifts or two 8-hour shifts and receive a Truckerfest 3-day wristband & camping, a $25 Truckerfest merch voucher, and 4 drink tokens.

Volunteer Coordinator/Truckerfest Liaison. One or Two 8-hour shifts, or Two or Three 4-hour shifts and receive a Truckerfest 3-day weekend VIP all-access pass & camping, $25 Truckerfest merch voucher, drinks, and snacks. As a coordinator, you will: Oversee volunteers, become a point of contact and provide light training for volunteers, answer questions, and provide general assistance as needed. (Experience required.)

Truckerfest Musical Festival '23