Glad You’re Here

Glad You’re Here with Grant Glad airs live on Happy Productions Mondays 6-10 PM and replays on Sundays from 11 – 3 PM.
Grant interviews musicians and artists from around the Minnesota music scene.
Find the full episodes down below. Released every Wednesday.

Grant Glad has been a proud member of the Minnesota music community since the founding of his band the Soo Line Loons around 2017. While the band had some successes, ultimately Grant realized that he’d much rather stay at home than live on the road, so he broke up the band and began figuring out what was next for him.

Grant began talking to the Happy Productions team about building out a new type of local music show, one that plays the good stuff! Not one that just plays Prince and Dylan and hopes they can get away with calling it local, or one that plays every 12 year old with a guitar that lives in Minnesota. No. Grant wanted to build a local show around giving coverage to the local musicians you haven’t heard of, but you should. Catch them before they become the next Dylan or Prince or Westerberg or Charlie Parr, although we will be playing those guys too because they made some damn good music. On Grant’s upcoming show, Glad You’re Here, he will be bringing on weekly guests from the local scene to have conversations and do some live performances. 

Genre is useful for helping to define music, but on this show, we live by the rule of Townes Van Zandt “There’s only two kinds of music: The blues and zippety doo-dah.” And we will be playing both, but only the best regional sounds around from each one. More local happiness, less local crappiness. That’s what you can expect from Glad You’re Here, so tune in on Monday nights at 6 and Sundays at 11 to give it a listen and see what’s going on in the local music scene before anyone else does.